Happy Hour BKK

DECIMATED! As Bangkok finally begins to show signs of nightlife again, we have cleared out the old promotions and are accepting submissions for new ones via the HHBKK Facebook Group. Click here to find out where you can currently enjoy live music.

Live Music in December 2021

As Bangkok slowly reopens this is a quick list of where we know to find live music as of December 2021. Most venues only have live music on 1-2 days of the week. Contact the venue to confirm because this list is changing rapidly. If you know of other places where live music is happening, drop us a line via the HHBKK Facebook Group.

On HHBKK we assess bands based on two levels of criteria. The first is “can you play a guitar and sing.” The second is “Can you slap out Holy Diver in your sleep.”

The following bands have passed the first level.

Hillary 2, Hillary 11, B&R Bar (6:30-11pm), Adhere the 13th


The Red Lion, Scruffy Murphy’s


Rock Pub, The Sportsman, Black Cabin, Royal Oak

Rock Pub, Black Cabin, The Red Lion, Scruffy Murphy’s

Rock Pub, Otto Bar, PJ O’Briens

Scruffy Murphy’s

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